Cherokee Savage

Life is one big party, or so I think it should be!! Im the hype girl, the one who gets the fire lit!! carpe diem =}

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Placed 4th

overall in the competition

Cherokee Savage took 4th place overall and will receive a full page feature in Inked Magazine! In addition to her print feature, Cherokee will also receive an exclusive photoshoot with celebrity photographer Christopher Kolk and VIP invitation (complete with airfare and accommodations) to the official Inked Cover Girl party in Scottsdale, AZ!

What was your first tattoo?

My first tattoo was a smiley face on my ankle, done with a homemade gun, and the intention of a stranger at a house party in Kentucky, that I never be alone and always have a friend to smile with. this guy was definitely on another level, but it made sense at the time!! My little buddy had two crude dots for eyes and a kinda crooked smile, crooked because for some reason he had to be right on the ankle bone so of course I twitched!! and thus started my lust for ink

Is it true that getting tattoos is addictive?

Definitely think getting inked is addictive. I was hooked after my first little smiley guy, and now I have like 40 tats. I feel like its not a matter of covering yourself in ink to change who you are, I think it's more of a process done by super rad, talented people, to dig the needle into our flesh until we bleed the true colors that lay below the surface of our skin..revealing our true form of expression as body art.

If you were voted Inked Magazine's cover girl, what would you do with $25,000?

Realistically, I'd buy a giant unicorn float, a ton of bubbles, and neon sunscreen, and have a big party on the ocean in Hawaii. And then I'd invest the rest in Kirby vacuums.. I got a hot tip that they're going to be big..