Bianca Bee

Always be yourself and stay true to who you are

Thank you

for your support

Placed 17th

in international group eighteen

On behalf of Inked Cover Girl, thank you for helping us support MusiCares and the amazing work they do to impact the lives of those in need!

What was your first tattoo?

Tribal burning heart on my lower back

Is it true that getting tattoos is addictive?

It TOTALLY is but it's just like collecting any other art, instead of hanging on a wall it's on your skin! And I think it's a lot cooler :p

If you were voted Inked Magazine's cover girl, what would you do with $25,000?

My dog has some health issues and needs biopsies done so I'd take care of that first and foremost. I'm recovering from a brain injury so I HAVE to give back to my parents for all they've given to me during this recovery period. If there's any left, I NEED a new tattoo. It's been awhile since I got one and I want to commemorate my TBI recovery with new ink!! Thanks for the votes, I appreciate and love y'all xoxo