sassy and fiercely determined

Thank you

for your support

Placed 30th

in south group one

On behalf of Inked Cover Girl, thank you for helping us support MusiCares and the amazing work they do to impact the lives of those in need!

What was your first tattoo?

Oh man hahaha! My first tattoo was a kanji that, obviously, didn’t mean what I wanted it to mean. I got it when I was 14, my mom wanted to kill me.

Is it true that getting tattoos is addictive?

Yes absolutely, 110% addictive

If you were voted Inked Magazine's cover girl, what would you do with $25,000?

I would disperse and donate $8,000 of it to a couple of animal rescue organizations, and with the rest?...I’d try to give a lot of it to my mom who raised 4 terribly hyperactive, rebellious and accident prone children by herself all while juggling her own career in the military and trying to continue her education. With the rest of that, I’d invest!